Custom Knee Braces Calgary

Prairie Therapy offers custom knee braces from Ossur, Donjoy and Breg.  All three companies offer world class knee brace solutions to help with orthopaedic injuries. Whether you've had knee surgery or are looking to avoid surgery custom knee braces can help protect and manage pain. 

To ensure that you are going to get the knee brace that is right for you, Prairie Therapy books in every knee brace customer for a brace fitting session and consultation.  But, if you are wondering about the different options for a specific injury, you can click on one of the injuries below to see a few of the different styles.

Ligament Injuries (ACL, PCL, MCL, or LCL injuries)

Meniscal Injuries

Patellafemoral Pain (pain around the kneecap)

Osteoarthritis or knee pain caused by Arthritis 

Pre or Post Surgical Knee Care

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Types of Knee Braces

Custom Knee Brace Calgary

Custom Knee Braces for ACL, PCL, MCL, LCL Injuries & Prevention 

If you've suffered an ligament tear, you're fifteen times more likely to tear it again. ​It's this simple fact that causes a number of professional and collegiate linemen to wear preventative custom braces on both knees. 

Many soccer players, skiers, basketball and volleyball players also choose to wear preventative braces instead of risking a season or career ending injury.

If you've suffered an ligament injury in the past, the odds of re-injuring that knee or substantially higher - a custom knee brace will help protect that weakened ligament. In addition to the physical advantages, wearing a knee brace will provide a huge boost in confidence that you're protected.

Custom osteoarthritis knee brace

Off The Shelf Knee Braces for Osteoarthritis (Unloader Knee Brace)

Unloader knee braces can help relieve the pain of osteoarthritis. By applying slight pressure to the knee the load is shifted off of the impacted area. 

Unloader braces are designed to be used in all facets of your life, this includes sports, hobbies, at work, at home or anywhere else you need pain relief. 

There is a misconception that unloader knee braces are bulky and heavy. In reality they are designed to wear underneath clothing and are light weight. If the goal is to reduce osteoarthritis knee pain, while improving stability and functionality an unloader brace is an excellent option.

Signs of Osteoarthritis

  • Stiffness in the knee after prolonged inactivity
  • Walking or climbing stairs is painful
  • The range of motion in your knee is limited
  • Moving from sitting to standing has become difficult

Custom & Off The Shelf Breg Knee Braces

Fusion Knee Brace

Breg Fusion Custom Knee Brace

Ideal for normal activities as well as athletic activities. Used for ACL/PCL and Collateral Ligament protection

Fusion Women's Knee Brace

Breg Custom Fusion Womens Knee brace

Ideal for brace for active women. Used for ACL/PCL and Collateral Ligament protection

Fusion XT Knee Brace

Breg Fusion XT Custom Knee Brace

High performance custom brace designed for contact activities. The lightweight frame is built out of high strength aircraft grade materials. 

The Fusion, Women's Fusion and Fusion XT knee breaces are also available off the shelf.

Ossur CTi Custom & Off The Shelf Knee Brace

The Ossur CTi comes in three models:

  1. Vapour for low to medium impact
  2. Standard for medium to high impact levels
  3. Pro Sport designed for the highest level of impact

​The CTi is designed for ACL, MCL, LCL, PCL, rotary or combined ligament instabilities. It's also available off the shelf.

Ossur Custom CTi Knee Brace

Don Joy Custom Knee Braces

Defiance Knee Brace

Defiance Custom Don Joy Knee Brace

The Defiance is only available as a custom knee brace. It's Don Joy's flagship brace and is designed for moderate to severe ligament injuries.

Defiance III Knee Brace

Don Joy Defiance III Custom Knee Brace

The Defiance III is Don Joy's solution for water sports, extreme sports and contact sports. The carbon fiber composite is extremely lightweight and durable. 

Defiance III Female Full Fource Knee Brace

Don Joy Defiance III Female Fource Knee Brace

Designed specifically for female athletes the Defiance III is ideal both the weekend warrior and the professional athlete. 

Don Joy Off The Shelf Knee Braces

Don Joy Armor Off The Shelf Knee Brace

Don Joy's Armor Knee brace is an Off The Shelf solution for those with a deficient ligament or who have undergone ligament treatment returning to contact and extreme sports. 

​The Armor Knee Brace will provide athletes with the confidence to push their limits.

Don Joy Armor Knee OTS Knee Brace

Don Joy Fullforce OA Off The Shelf Knee Brace

The Fullforce OA knee brace is the lightest of the OA knee braces that Don Joy carries. The OA brace is designed to remove the strain from the affected section of the knee to reduce ligament strain and pain.

OA Fullforce Knee Brace

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