What happens if you eat to much turkey?

What happens if you eat too much turkey?

Eating too much of anything isn’t great for you! When you eat too much:

  • Your stomach can expand to the volume of a litre (that’s the size of a large turkey leg)
  • Can cause undue heartburn. The stomach produces hydrochloric acid to break down food. More food to breakdown means more acid, which can creep into the esophogus, leading to that burning feeling.
  • Your body signals when you’ve had enough fat, releasing a hormone called leptin.
  • When you eat a high calorie meal, like in a turkey dinner at Christmas, cells in your intestines secrete a hormone called PYY. When PYY reaches your brain it binds with receptors that make you feel full.
  • When you don’t listen to the signal you over eat!!!

Over the holidays I always struggle to maintain a healthy weight and stay away from the bad for you food. Here are a few tips and tricks that I have found that can help with this.

Realize that maintaining your weight over the holidays is a victory! The balance of exercise and diet can help with this, if you start to feel like maybe you are snacking more or eating more large meals, maybe mix in an extra workout. With lots of family around our house during the holidays, we like to do partner workouts, which make them go faster and a lot more fun.

I used to think that not eating breakfast or lunch meant that I could gorge on supper that night. Boy was I wrong, as I got into the health industry I quickly started to learn that this was completely backwards. A better idea would be to eat small meals throughout the day. Showing up famished, it can be difficult to avoid eating too much.

Go into the meal knowing what you want to eat. We all have our favourites during festive meals, you know those ones that mom makes better than anyone else, the ones that she only makes on holidays. Try eating only the things that you can get on the holidays, the marshmallow covered sweet potatoes, the broccoli cheese casserole! If you can’t last until the meal, try snacking on the veggies!!

The last tip is one that is very hard to uphold especially if you grew up with older brothers. When the dessert tray gets put out, try and be the last one to get your dessert. Have a cup of coffee or tea while everyone else grabs their goodies. By the time you are done your dessert, everyone else should be done and may have already moved on to do something else. In my house it will be an epic ping pong tournament or napping. This means that it won’t be as convenient to go back for seconds. Make sure when you are choosing your dessert to choose your favourite. You know the one that is totally worth the calories!!

Most importantly, over the holidays make sure to enjoy the time with family and friends. From the family at Prairie Therapy to yours! Merry Christmas everyone!!

Brandon Thome, CAT(C)


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