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Physiotherapy is the study of how the body works, how it is supposed to move, and how much movement it needs to work the best.  A physiotherapist ​uses a combination of hands-on techniques, functional exercises, and therapeutic modalities.  The treatment ​is tailored to regain any lost function or to improve and optimize the existing function​.

At Prairie Therapy, physiotherapy is a one-on-one experience.  There are no physiotherapy aides, and the therapist only sees one patient at a time.  This individualized style ensures that every treatment is customized to the patients specific needs.  The goal is always to increase an individuals pain-free activity and as a result, every patient is sent home with exercises and/or stretches.

"Physiotherapists get you moving and keep you moving"


Zenia Martynkiw - Physiotherapist

Zenia Martynkiw, Physiotherapist

Zenia studied to become a physiotherapist at both the University of Alberta and at The University of Toronto. She also completed a Fellowship of Applied Functional Science at the Gray Institute in Michigan (check out same great home programs at: (www.f2pacademy.com). Zenia has been active in soccer, basketball, volleyball, swimming and rugby throughout her life in varying capacities; as a player, as a coach and as an on-field sports injury therapist. She has worked as a sports physiotherapist with all age and skill groups, including youth sport, adult amateur sport, and professional sport.

Zenia’s passion is to teach patients to be independent in their own care. Most important to her is teaching people exercises that they can do on their own to improve their own health. She particularly enjoys teaching people how to move in 3 dimensions as well as to look at fundamental development patterns. Zenia will take the time to educate patients on the structure injured, healing time-lines, the cause of injury, and injury prevention. Zenia also values educating patients on stress and pain management techniques to facilitate healing.

At Prairie Therapy, Zenia can take the time to give patient’s individualized appointments (including home exercise programs) and one-on-one time.

Outside of work you are likely to find Zenia off on some adventure outside on her bike, skis, a canoe, her hiking boots or even just in the park doing some of those exercises that she asks her patients to do. Zenia also plays beach volleyball. When not being active Zenia can be found tinkering with art projects.

Patient Resources Videos:

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3D Quad Stretch

3D Hamstring Stretch

3D Calf Stretch

Monkey Crawl

Bear Crawl

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