UPDATE (last updated September 3, 2020:  We wanted to send out a heart felt thank you to all of our patients that have been continuing to support us since the re-launch in the middle of June. As a small business, times such as these can be very hard on everyone involved and we were no different. But thanks to the efforts of our staff and patients we have been able to continue to recover and we hope to be around for many years to come. 

From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU!

Prairie Therapy Team

Your injury is unique, and requires a unique approach.

When you visit Prairie Therapy, you will be entering into a continuum of care. We believe that an integrated model of care is the best path to recovery. Regardless of where you are at, the practitioners at Prairie Therapy will help guide you through the process. We offer one on one sessions,with the focus on you, the client.  

Click on any of the stages below to see who can best help you get started on your path to recovery.  Or you can visit our Services to learn more.

Recovery does not have a finish line; it is an ongoing process.

New Injury

Ongoing Injury

Staying Active

The only goal I see at Prairie Therapy is to assist their clients in full rehabilitation of their injuries. No fancy ads, no flashy offices, just pride in helping people regain their active lifestyle. In over 25 years, I have not seen a clinic with a true multi disciplinary team that does not care who treats you, just what is best for you. If you have an injury and are seeking treatment elsewhere, you have chosen the wrong clinic to treat your injury in my opinion. I can't say enough about the care I have received and have recommended Prairie Therapy to all my friends, family and colleagues.

Jason K
Current Client