Custom Knee Brace

Prairie Therapy offers custom knee braces from Ossur, Donjoy and Breg.  All three companies offer world-class knee brace solutions to help with orthopaedic injuries. Whether you’ve had knee surgery or are looking to avoid surgery custom knee braces can help protect and manage pain.

How much does a knee brace cost?

At Prairie Therapy we carry a wide variety of bracing products. The price of a brace will depend on the injury and severity. We have off-the-shelf products for as low as $100; custom products as high as $1500 and everything in between.

Does my insurance cover knee braces?

Most insurance plans will cover bracing products; howevereach plan is a little bit different. We encourage all of our clients to checkwith their insurance provider for their level of coverage before purchasing.

Is direct billing available for knee braces?

We are unable to directly bill insurance companies for bracing products. Our clients typically pay up front for the product and then submit the sales receipt for reimbursement.

Do I need a prescription to get a brace?

You do not need a doctor’s prescription to get a bracingproduct; however it is always encouraged to have one so that we have a clearunderstanding of your injury.

How long does it taketo receive an ordered product?

At Prairie Therapy we do carry a small stock of bracing products so on occasion you may be able to walk out same day with your purchase. For off-the-shelf products, the typical wait time is 3 days; while custom orders are roughly 7 days.

How long does a fitting appointment take?

A fitting appointment is scheduled for 30 minutes. One ofour bracing experts will take you through all the products applicable to yourinjury condition, as well as pricing, warranty and any other questions you mayhave.

Do you fix or repair knee braces?

This will depend on the level of damage to a product. We may be able to help with minor repairs or adjustments. Bracing products with more significant damage will have to be sent away for a warranty replacement or manufacturer repairs.