Athletic Therapy Calgary

John Reinbolt Athletic Therapist


What is Athletic Therapy?

Certified Athletic Therapists are known for on-field care of athletes. They are first responders when someone gets hurt and experts at injury assessment and rehabilitation. Athletic Therapists treat musculoskeletal injuries, whether on the field or in a clinical setting.

Our Athletic therapists treat everything from knee injuries to concussions. Athletic therapy is beneficial for performers, individuals with common injuries as well as all levels of athletes. The Athletic Therapist uses assessment, prevention, immediate care, manual therapies, exercise prescription, bracing and taping to get you back to your active lifestyle.

What Happens After My Assessment

Following your assessment, you are given an exercise program that targets your specific biomechanical issues. You will receive information to help you visualize and understand the significance of gait, stability and posture.

How Is Athletic Therapy Different From Physiotherapy

Athletic Therapy uses the sports medicine model of rehabilitation. It does not include the study of respiratory, neurological or cardiac rehabilitation. At Prairie Therapy, we work as a team and our Physios and AT’s work closely together and treat similarly. Call and speak with one of our team members if you have questions and aren’t sure what option is best for you.

Will My Extended Healthcare Cover Athletic Therapy Services?

The majority of extended health care providers cover athletic therapy treatments. However, all policies are different, and we recommend you contact your provider to confirm what services are available to you. At this time, no extended healthcare plans in Alberta allow for direct billing for Athletic Therapy Services. We are, however, able to give you a receipt to submit to your provider.

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