Custom Knee Brace Calgary - Do I Need a Knee Brace?

Here’s a quick statistic for you: 25% of adults suffer from preventable, recurring knee pain. Odds are that this number is marginally higher for females than males, so the question is… When do you need a knee brace? Let’s dive in and see if we can help you figure out if a knee brace is a good fit for you. And find out if you need support from one of our Athletic Therapists for Custom Knee Brace Calgary.

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Get A Diagnosis

Several factors are at play when considering a knee brace. These include the type of injury, the type of brace, the expected outcome, and of course the practitioner coordinating your brace.

A good starting point would be to seek out a specialist who does orthopedic (joint) assessments of the knee. At Prairie Therapy, our Athletic Therapists and Physiotherapists complete this assessment for you. They will put you through some movement tests to narrow down what is causing your knee pain and diagnose the type of injury you may have sustained. Below is a list of common knee injuries.

  • Bone injuries (fractures or bruises)
  • Muscle injuries (strains or tears)
  • Meniscus injuries (tears)
  • Ligament injuries (sprains or tears)
  • Functional movement problems (IT band syndrome, jumper’s knee, patellar maltracking)


Seeing an Athletic Therapist or Physiotherapist for a customized individual exercise program will do wonders for healing an acute knee injury and chronic knee pain. The most common injury we complete bracing for is returning an athlete to play after having an ACL reconstruction surgery.

Our Athletic Therapists at Prairie Therapy can complete an assessment and recommend knee braces based on their findings. 

Custom Braces vs. Over the Counter

Braces can be used for any of the above listed conditions and also for preventative measures. There are 2 overall categories of knee braces; custom knee braces or over-the-counter (OTC). A Custom knee brace is used to support ligament instability or osteoarthritis.  This type of brace usually requires a prescription from your doctor. OTC knee braces typically help with functional movement problems. The most common OTC braces include sleeve style, patellar strapping, and range-of-motion braces. Knee sleeves or compression sleeves are used to provide a small amount of support. Patellar straps are used for patellar tendonitis (a small strap is placed below the kneecap to reduce tension on the tendon). Range-of-motion (ROM) braces limit your knee’s movement; they can be used while healing from a multi-ligament tear or recovering from a meniscus repair.

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What Can I Expect if I Wear a Knee Brace?

Knee braces are designed to provide support but do not guarantee safety from re-injury. OTC braces (sleeves and straps) are typically able to provide basic support and pain relief during physical activity. This can provide your knee support during sports. The compression sleeves provide support primarily through proprioception (our body’s sense of joint positioning). The sleeve provides feedback to the brain to help you understand how you are moving. This feedback, in turn, helps you feel more stable, supported, and confident in your movement. Range-of-motion braces must be worn full-time to support healing and prevent your knee from moving too far to cause a re-injury. Whereas custom braces for ligament support are to be worn during rehabilitation exercises or physical activity. 


What brands of Custom Knee Braces do you sell?

Prairie Therapy offers custom knee braces in Calgary from Ossur, Donjoy, and Breg. All three companies provide world-class knee brace solutions to help with orthopedic injuries. Whether you’ve had a knee surgery or are looking to avoid surgery, custom knee braces can help protect your knee, support your knee, and manage pain your knee pain.

How much does a knee brace cost in Calgary?

At Prairie Therapy, we carry a wide variety of bracing products. The price of a brace will depend on the injury and severity. We have off-the-shelf products for as low as $100, custom products as high as $1500, and everything in between. If you are looking for Calgary’s most affordable custom knee brace, you have found the right spot.

Does my insurance cover knee braces?

Most insurance plans will cover bracing products; however, each is slightly different. We encourage all our clients to check with their insurance provider for their level of coverage before purchasing.

Is direct billing available for knee braces?

We are unable to directly bill insurance companies for bracing products. Our clients pay upfront for the product and then submit the sales receipt for reimbursement.

Do I need a prescription to get a brace?

You do not need a doctor’s prescription to get a bracing product. It is always encouraged to have one so that we clearly understand your injury.

How long does it take to receive an ordered product?

At Prairie Therapy, we carry a small stock of bracing products, so you can walk out the same day with your purchase. For off-the-shelf products, the typical wait time is 3 days, while custom orders are roughly 7 days.

How long does a fitting appointment take?

A fitting appointment is scheduled for 30 minutes. One of our bracing experts will take you through all the products applicable to your injury, pricing, warranty, and any other questions you may have.

Where can I buy a knee brace in Calgary?

You can get your custom knee brace at Prairie Therapy. Please call if you are looking for an over the counter brace.

Do you fix or repair knee braces?

Depending on the level of damage to a product, we can help with minor repairs or adjustments. Bracing products with more significant damage will have to be sent away for a warranty replacement or manufacturer repairs.

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