Custom Knee Braces Calgary

Prairie Therapy offers custom knee braces from Ossur, Donjoy and Breg.  All three companies offer world class knee brace solutions to help with orthopaedic injuries. Whether you've had knee surgery or are looking to avoid surgery custom knee braces can help protect and manage pain. 

To ensure that you are going to get the knee brace that is right for you, Prairie Therapy books in every knee brace customer for a brace fitting session and consultation.  But, if you are wondering about the different options for a specific injury, you can click on one of the injuries below to see a few of the different styles.

Ligament Injuries (ACL, PCL, MCL, or LCL injuries)

Meniscal Injuries

Patellafemoral Pain (pain around the kneecap)

Osteoarthritis or knee pain caused by Arthritis 

Pre or Post Surgical Knee Care

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