Custom Knee Braces Calgary

At Prairie Therapy, we prescribe and measure custom knee braces. We have braces for high-performance athletes to individuals with osteoarthritis. Learn more about the perfect brace to fit your needs!

To achieve the proper fit, we start with careful measurement — our patients one-get on-one instruction on how to put on their brace. We also adjust or modify the brace as-needed at no additional charge.  The aftercare of your brace is just as important as the prescription and provision.

Custom Knee Brace Cost and Insurance Coverage

Extended healthcare plans will provide coverage for your knee brace. Because this will vary with your particular plan, we encourage you to check with your insurance company before your appointment. We also provide you with a quote so you can get a clear answer from your insurance provider. A physician’s referral is not necessary for your consultation; however, you may need it to claim the brace through your extended healthcare benefits.

Prairie Therapy offers custom-fitted knee braces from Ossur, Donjoy and Breg. These braces are excellent choices for pre-surgical or post-surgical, rehabilitation, return to sport, and for pain management

Ligament Injuries (ACL, PCL, MCL, or LCL)

Defiance Custom Don Joy Knee Brace

Donjoy Defiance Custom Knee Brace

This custom knee brace is for prevention, injuries, and osteoarthritis.

Ossur CTi Knee Brace

Ossur CTi Knee Brace

Available in custom and off the shelf versions. This brace is for prevention and injuries.

Breg Fusion Custom Knee Brace

Breg Fusion Knee Brace

Available in custom and off the shelf options. This brace is for injuries, prevention and osteoarthritis.

Breg Axiom Custom Knee Brace

Breg Axiom Knee Brace

This custom knee brace is for prevention and injuries. It is lightweight and popular for post-surgical.


Bauerfind GenuTrain S Knee Brace

This brace is a lightweight adjustable knee sleeve with plastic hinges. It provides compression and benefits mild Arthritis and injuries.

Donjoy Playmaker II

Hinged Knee Sleeves

There are different options for hinged sleeves that provide light support for injuries.

Meniscal Injuries

Rebound Cartilage

Ossur Rebound Cartilage Knee Brace

The Ossur Rebound Cartilage is to support knee cartilage healing after cartilage repair.

Patellofemoral pain (pain around the kneecap)

Tru Pull Lite

Donjoy Tru Pull Lite

This brace is a comfortable kneecap support brace for mild to moderate patellar dislocations.

Lateral J

Donjoy Lateral ‘J’ Knee Brace

This brace stabilizes the kneecap to prevent dislocations and alleviate pain.

Donjoy Reaction Web Knee Brace

If you have early or mild knee OA and are looking to continue being active without pain, the DonJoy OA Reaction Web knee brace is the brace for you.

Osteoarthritis or knee pain caused by Arthritis

Unloader One

Ossur Unloader One Knee Brace

The Unloader One knee brace is lightweight. Recommended for osteoarthritis and mobility.

Don Joy Defiance III Custom Knee Brace

Rigid Frame Unloader Knee Brace

All three brands offer unloader braces. Available in custom and off the shelf options. Recommended for knee injuries that are a ligament injury.

Donjoy TriFit OA Knee Brace

The TriFit OA knee brace is for mild to moderate knee osteoarthritis.

Breg Fusion OA Knee Brace

This brace provides a lateral force to the knee. It will also offer multi-directional support for all knee ligament injuries.

Pre or Post Surgical Knee Care

Range of Motion Knee Brace

T Scope Premier Knee Brace

This brace is for everyone. Easy to use ROM hinge and extension stops to control and limit flexion and extension.

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