Physiotherapy – Calgary SW

Physiotherapy is the study of how the body works, how it is supposed to move, and how much movement it needs to work best.  A physiotherapist ​will use a combination of hands-on techniques, functional exercises, and therapeutic modalities.  The treatment ​is tailored to regain any lost function or to improve and optimize the existing function​.

At Prairie Therapy, physiotherapy is a one-on-one experience.  There are no physiotherapy aides, and the therapist only sees one patient at a time.  This individualized style ensures that every treatment is customized to the patients specific needs.  The goal is always to increase an individuals pain-free activity and as a result, every patient is sent home with exercises and/or stretches.

“Physiotherapists get you moving and keep you moving”


Russ Gothard-Physiotherapist

Russ believes the true goal of physio should be helping people realize they are stronger than their problem or pain, and then helping them become independent in achieving their goals.

His approach to rehab is based on a whole-body approach – no part of the body works in isolation, and the site of the pain is often not the source. He uses dry needling and Neurokinetic Therapy among other tools to analyze movement patterns and re-educate the brain to more effectively control the body, thus reducing pain and improving performance.

Before finding his calling as a physiotherapist, Russ was at various times a psychology researcher, bartender, caregiver, framer, social support worker for Canadian military families in Italy, and amateur comedian (but only because nobody would pay him). If you’re looking for him on the weekend, he can often be found camping or paddling on a river when it’s warm, or playing music and watching bad movies with his cat Spike when it’s cold.

Kristy Wu-Physiotherapist

Kristy was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta. She has always been involved in athletics, having competed as a varsity field hockey player during her undergraduate degree. Through various injuries, she has gained a better understanding of human kinetics and importance of proper rehabilitation. Nowadays, Kristy keeps active with running, biking, golfing and hiking.

Kristy completed her undergraduate degree in Foods and Nutrition at the University of Prince Edward Island in 2013, after which she graduated from the University of Alberta’s Master of Science in Physical Therapy program. Since graduating, Kristy continues to seek additional certification in her field. She has obtained her Level 1 Manual Therapy certification and Level 1 Functional Dry Needling. Her special interests include sport-related and running injuries.

Kristy uses an individualized approach including manual therapy, dry needling, corrective exercises, and education to achieve optimal results. Her main goal is to help her patients return to doing what they love.

Patient Resources Videos:

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3D Calf Stretch

Monkey Crawl

Bear Crawl

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