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Physiotherapy studies how the body works, how it’s supposed to move, and how much movement it needs to work best. A physiotherapist ​uses a combination of hands-on techniques, functional exercises, and therapeutic modalities. 

At Prairie Therapy, our treatments are one-on-one. There are no physiotherapy aides. Our therapists see one patient; we customize every treatment to your specific needs. Because of this, your treatment plan will be shorter– we want to see you improve quickly. The structure supports you with effective treatments to increase pain-free activity.

“Physiotherapists get you moving and keep you moving.”

“Physiotherapists get you moving and keep you moving.”

Do I Need a Doctors Referral?

You do not need a physician’s referral to see a Physiotherapist.

Do you treat clients injured in Motor Vehicle Accidents (MVA’s)?

Yes, we treat patients who are in Motor Vehicle Accidents, including cyclists and pedestrians, hit by vehicles.

We will need your claim number, date of the accident, adjuster’s name, phone number and fax number. We require this information to complete the treatment plan that we send to your insurance company.

For further information, see our Motor Vehicle Accidents and Injury section here.

Can I Get My Treatments Paid For By Alberta Health or WCB At Your Clinic?

No, Prairie Therapy does not have a contract with Alberta Health Services or the Workers Compensation Board (WCB) at this time.

Will My Extended Healthcare Cover Physiotherapy Services?

The majority of extended health care providers cover Physiotherapy treatments. However, all policies are different, and we recommend you contact your provider to confirm what services are available to you. We can direct bill for Physiotherapy with most insurance providers. Contact our team to see if we can set up direct billing for you. 

To book with one of our Physiotherapists, call us at 403-200-2190 or Book Online.

Patient Resources Videos:

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Quad Stretch 3D

Hamstring Stretch 3D

Calf Stretch 3D

Monkey Crawl

Bear Crawl

Jumping Jacks