Prairie Therapy Team

Back Row: Matt DeGooijer, Jeff Peach, John Reinbolt, Brandon Thome, Coel Perry
Front Row: Christine Dixon, Kate Trippier, Cindy Gonzalez, Dani O'Reilly, Dr. Alanna (Lani) Pickering, Jessica Reinbolt
Missing from photo: Ashley Dufour, Jeremy Kozuback

Click on any of the names below to meet the Prairie Therapy Team members:

Dr. Alanna (Lani) Pickering - Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncturist, Massage Therapist

Brandon Thome - Athletic Therapist

Christine Dixon - Osteopathic Manual Therapist, Athletic Therapist

Cindy Gonzalez - Registered Massage Therapist, Traditional Chinese Medicine student

Jackie Caione - Osteopathic Manual Therapist, Athletic Therapist

Jeff Peach - Athletic Therapist

Jessica Reinbolt - Athletic Therapist -  (currently on maternity leave)

John Reinbolt - Athletic Therapist

Matthew DeGooijer - Athletic Therapist

Russ Gothard - Physiotherapist

What Can You Expect When You See a Prairie Therapy Team Member?

Every patient will receive a detailed description of your injury which includes: the anatomical structures involved, as well as a detailed home program to do on your own outside of the clinic setting. Your injury does not stop when you leave our office and neither should your rehab.  Each patient will also receive injury prevention tips to prevent re-injury.  Our goal at Prairie Therapy Inc. is to get every patient back in the shortest amount of time possible, this means we help through the entire rehabilitation process. If you injury is an injury that needs to be referred on to another health care practitioner, we will ensure you get to the proper provider as quickly as possible.

As a patient of the Prairie Therapy Team, you will receive one on one treatment from professionals with a wide range of experience. Our therapists have worked with programs such as the Saskatchewan Roughriders, Calgary Vipers, Abbotsford Heat, Canadian Pro Rodeo, as well as the University of Calgary and University of Alberta Varsity Athletes.  Each patient will receive unique injury rehabilitation tailored to the individual and activity level taking into consideration their goals and needs, that will allow the patient to get better in the shortest amount of time possible.  

How is the Prairie Therapy Team Different?

The Prairie Therapy Team is dedicated to getting you back to pre-injury status as quickly as possible and in the fewest number of visits. We believe that rehabilitation does not only happen in the clinic setting. In fact, we believe most of your recovery will occur in your own home. Every patient leaves our clinics with a detailed home program and instructions for what you should be until you see us again.

"If we can't get you back to where you want to be, we will find someone who can."