How to Protect Your Knees for Skiing This Season

Protect Your Knees Skiing

As ski and snowboard season is now in full effect, it’s important to make sure you’re properly protected on the hill. Of course wearing a helmet for head safety is key; however there is one area of your body that you may be overlooking, your knees.

Knee stability is critical for all activities, but it becomes far more prevalent for skiing and snowboarding. Your knees act as your shock absorbers. They allow you to adjust to changes that occur on the hill from an unexpected mogul to changes in snow from hard packed to slush. Being able to compensate for these changes is necessary for anyone on the hill; but what happens when your body can’t compensate? In most cases you will fall and depending on the speed and obstacles around you, it can lead to injuries.

This is where the Donjoy Defiance 3 knee brace comes in. The Donjoy Defiance 3 is Donjoy’s premier custom product for all ligament instabilities in the knee. It can also be configured to provide off-loading for individuals with osteoarthritis who are looking to stay active. The brace contains stainless steel hinges with a light-weight, high-strength carbon fiber framework. Its unique design and strapping method keep the brace in position to handle any activity.

Defiance Custom Don Joy Knee Brace

The Donjoy Defiance 3 has been popular amongst skiers, snowboarders for a variety of reasons. The first is that it can be easily adjusted to allow a thermal layer to be worn under the brace. The second is the fourcepoint hinge that creates a dampening effect on the knee and helps to stop hyperextension. The third reason is the biggest; the Donjoy Defiance 3 can be measured with a short-calf option greater than other braces on the market. This way there will be no impact between the brace and the top of your ski or snowboard boot.

Protect Your Knees Skiing

Canada’s top alpine skiers are using Donjoy and so are our clients. Of all the custom defiance braces sold at Prairie Therapy, over 70% of clients mentioned that their primary use was to return to skiing or snowboarding.

Whether you need the brace for support or are looking for injury prevention the Defiance 3 is a great option. It has numerous accessories and colour options to make it your own. Custom Donjoy Defiance braces can be manufactured in one week so you don’t miss any time on the slopes this winter.


Matt de Gooijer BKin, CAT(C), Certified Athletic Therapist.  Click here to see Matt’s bio.

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