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woman sitting beside car holding head


Just being involved in a motor vehicle accident is scary enough. But dealing with the laws and process around making a claim and dealing with your injuries following a MVA can be confusing and overwhelming and make the situation even harder. At Prairie Therapy, we want to help you simplify the process so you can focus on your healing. From online appointment bookings to on-site massage, physio and more, to streamlined home exercise programs, we've created a process that gets you back to your life pain-free and as quickly as possible...

Calgary Osteo Prenatal care

Pre & Postnatal Care

Caring for you and your baby


Vestibular Health

Vestibular physiotherapists are therapists who have taken advanced post-graduate training in the assessment and treatment of vestibular and related disorders. Your brain has a few ways of knowing where your body is in space. The vestibular system is the part of the inner ear that responds to gravity and head movements. This, plus information from your eyes and neck muscles and other structures let your brain calculate what your head and body is doing...


Temporomandibular joint dysfunction

The only goal I see at Prairie Therapy is to assist their clients in full rehabilitation of their injuries. No fancy ads, no flashy offices, just pride in helping people regain their active lifestyle. In over 25 years, I have not seen a clinic with a true multi disciplinary team that does not care who treats you, just what is best for you. If you have an injury and are seeking treatment elsewhere, you have chosen the wrong clinic to treat your injury in my opinion. I can't say enough about the care I have received and have recommended Prairie Therapy to all my friends, family and collegues
Christine literally changed my life. I came to see her with lower back pain which I had suffered with for several years. I was used to sitting on the sidelines and was a master at having others to everything for me. I got immediate and lasting relief after the first session. I was able to golf, paddleboard, carry groceries, do housework and do it all pain free. For me, it was a miracle, and I feel incredibly blessed. Thank you Christine for giving me my mobility back again!
Karen P
You were such a god-send to my family. After visiting many doctors and chiropractors, the girls were ready to stop playing a sport they loved. It was so amazing to see how just a few appointments with you could literally change their lives. They are both playing volleyball, pain free, and better than ever before. Thank you so much!"
Sherry B