Staying Active During the Holidays in Calgary

How to stay active and be social through the holidays.

My core group of friends and I are all very busy. Each of us working or raising young families, all the while trying to maintain our friendships. We make an effort of getting together as often as we can, however our schedules often conflict. When we do arrange a time to get together we inevitably surround ourselves with food and drinks while sitting around playing board games or watching sports. tree-hunt1 We do however have our favorite day of the year where we all go out Christmas Tree Hunting. The 8 of us adults and 4 small children get together to head out to the Sibbald Lake area to hunt down our perfect Christmas tree. Hunting for the tree is something that allows all of us to catch up, while accomplishing a holiday task. We are able to enjoy the outdoors together while hiking through the foothills to find the perfect tree. This year’s hunt lead us through some frozen marsh and thick bush, but overall pleasurable conditions. We are all able to get a workout in, socialize, and accomplish a task that all of us needed to check off our list. tree-hunt2 If you are having a hard time trying to find ways to keep active through the holidays try some of these tips:

  • Try something new. We have the mountains in our backyard. Get out and try snowshoeing/skiing/snowboarding/skating. Not many people have the access that we do to all these outdoor winter wonderland activities. Take advantage of it.
  • Cold weather? Get out and get some of that holiday shopping done. Many of us have progressed to buying gifts online and having them delivered right to our door, but every step counts. Head out to the mall!
  • Are you competitive? Start a holiday challenge with your friends or family.


Christine Dixon, Osteopathic Manual Therapist, Athletic Therapist


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