Winter Injury Prevention Strategies

What are Winter Prevention Strategies to keep you injury-free? Alberta winter lasts at least four months and even though it’s February, we aren’t done with winter just yet. Physiotherapists see various injuries caused by winter sports and other winter-related activities. 

Stay active

Physical activity is a meaningful part of any lifestyle and crucial in injury prevention. Hibernating inside during the winter months is tempting, however, you are more prone to injury when you are inactive.  

  • Find an activity that you enjoy. It can be tobogganing, skiing or even just building a snow fort outside.
  • Invest in winter gear. Being active outside isn’t fun if you are cold, and you aren’t going to stick with your winter activity if you’re uncomfortable. 
  • Too cold outside? Move your workout indoors. Find a gym or recreation centre or even just some spin classes. Or workout in your home – jump rope, do jumping jacks or dust off that under-used yoga mat.

Prevent slips and falls

  • Check those treads! Just like the tires on your car, when the treads on your shoes or boots are smooth and worn down they won’t offer much grip on ice and snow, making you more prone to falls. Check your footwear at the start of the season and keep an eye out for when it’s time to invest in some new footwear with rubber soles and non-slip treads.
  • What about those icy sidewalks? Walk like a penguin by shuffling and keep your feet close to the ground. This maximizes the contact between your shoes and the sidewalk helps to keep you balanced.

Stay Safe

  • Every year there is an increase in collisions and a rise in whiplash injuries to go along with those collisions. We see a lot of injuries related to Motor Vehicle Accidents. Leave enough room between cars, don’t speed, raise your headrest and get winter tires.
  • Keep your sidewalks and driveways clear of snow and ice, this will help keep you on your feet. Choose a smaller shovel and a manageable load. Use your knees not your back and take breaks.

To find a physiotherapist to help you with your winter injury prevention or to treat your injury, click here.